Alexander Shames

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The precursor formamide 1 was employed instead of the monomer 2 because isocyanides are relatively unstable in air at room temperature. [19] a) [20] Molecular modeling shows that (in common with the phenyl benzo-ate compounds previously described [17]) an angle exists between the planar phenoxy and TTF ring systems. [21] The oxidation of the polymer was(More)
Ni(II)L(2), L(2) = 1-propyl-1,3,5,8,12-pentaazacyclotetradecane, was covalently bound to a silica support. This complex can be reversibly oxidized to the corresponding Ni(III) complex. The latter complex is relatively long lived. Therefore electron exchange columns based on this material can be prepared.
Development of graphene spintronic devices relies on transforming it into a material with a spin order. Attempts to make graphene magnetic by introducing zigzag edge states have failed due to energetically unstable structure of torn zigzag edges. Here, we report on the formation of nanoridges, i.e., stable crystallographically oriented fluorine monoatomic(More)
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