Alexander Seward

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Ciliopathies are an expanding group of rare conditions characterized by multiorgan involvement, that are caused by mutations in genes encoding for proteins of the primary cilium or its apparatus. Among these genes, CEP290 bears an intriguing allelic spectrum, being commonly mutated in Joubert syndrome and related disorders (JSRD), Meckel syndrome (MKS),(More)
In-vehicle spoken dialogue systems are gaining increased interest by the automotive industry. They enable the driver to perform secondary tasks (i.e. tasks not related to driving the vehicle) without having to take her eyes off the road or her hands from the steering wheel. Dialogue systems also enable the driver to speak in a natural way, without having to(More)
The use of dialogue systems in vehicles raises the problem of making sure that the dialogue does not distract the driver from the primary task of driving. Earlier studies have indicated that humans are very apt at adapting the dialogue to the traffic situation and the cognitive load of the driver. The goal of this paper is to investigate strategies for(More)
This thesis presents work in the area of automatic speech recognition (ASR). The thesis focuses on methods for increasing the efficiency of speech recognition systems and on techniques for efficient representation of different types of knowledge in the decoding process. In this work, several decoding algorithms and recognition systems have been developed,(More)
The use of speech-based interaction over traditional means of interaction in secondary tasks may increase safety in demanding environments with high requirements on operator attention. Speech interfaces have suffered from issues similar to those of visual displays, as they often rely on a complex menu structure that corresponds to that of visual systems.(More)
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