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Gender and Tenure Diversity in GitHub Teams
Software development is usually a collaborative venture. Open Source Software (OSS) projects are no exception; indeed, by design, the OSS approach can accommodate teams that are more open,Expand
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Process Discovery Using Integer Linear Programming
The research domain of process discovery aims at constructing a process model (e.g. a Petri net) which is an abstract representation of an execution log. Such a model should (1) be able to reproduceExpand
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StackOverflow and GitHub: Associations between Software Development and Crowdsourced Knowledge
Stack Overflow is a popular on-line programming question and answer community providing its participants with rapid access to knowledge and expertise of their peers, especially benefitting coders.Expand
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Rewriting aggregate queries using views
We investigate the problem of rewriting queries with aggregate operators using views that may or may not contain aggregate operators. A rewriting of a query is a second query that uses viewExpand
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Security and emotion: sentiment analysis of security discussions on GitHub
Application security is becoming increasingly prevalent during software and especially web application development. Consequently, countermeasures are continuously being discussed and built intoExpand
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How social Q&A sites are changing knowledge sharing in open source software communities
Historically, mailing lists have been the preferred means for coordinating development and user support activities. With the emergence and popularity growth of social Q&A sites such as theExpand
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Gender, Representation and Online Participation: A Quantitative Study of StackOverflow
Online communities are flourishing as social meeting web-spaces for users and peer community members. Different online communities require different levels of competence for participants to join, andExpand
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On negative results when using sentiment analysis tools for software engineering research
Recent years have seen an increasing attention to social aspects of software engineering, including studies of emotions and sentiments experienced and expressed by the software developers. Most ofExpand
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The impact of continuous integration on other software development practices: A large-scale empirical study
Continuous Integration (CI) has become a disruptive innovation in software development: with proper tool support and adoption, positive effects have been demonstrated for pull request throughput andExpand
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