Alexander Seeshing Yeung

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A new structural equation modeling approach to questions of the direction of causal flow between global and specific multidimensional measures of self-concept (SC) in two 2-wave, longitudinal studies demonstrated that (a) higher order factors were unable to explain relations among first-order factors at Time 1 (T1), at Time 2 (T2), or between T1 and T2; (b)(More)
The Motivation Orientation scales of the Inventory of School Motivation (ISM) were validated across Navajo (n = 760) and Anglo (n = 1012) students in the U.S. Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) supported the 8-factor structure of motivation orientations for the total sample and the Navajo and Anglo subsamples, although Navajo students did not distinguish(More)
The interaction of immunogold particles with a specific antigen was used to localize this nuclear protein (Mr 68 kd, pI 6.5-8.2) in fetal liver cells and oesophageal carcinoma cells at different stages of the cell cycle. In interphase hepatocytes, the 68 kd antigen was localized exclusively in the nucleus and associated with both heterochromatin and(More)
Instead of concentrating on mastery and performance goal orientations, recent research on school motivation has suggested a multidimensional structure of achievement goal orientations. Students in Australian high schools (N =774) responded to 35 survey items on 10 goal orientation constructs (effort, task, sense of purpose, praise, competition, power,(More)
OBJECTIVE The present study attempts to examine the relationships between certain common psychosomatic symptoms and sources of stress in Hong Kong teachers. METHODS A total of 261 teachers (134 males and 127 females) from 13 high schools in different regions of Hong Kong responded to the Teacher Stress Inventory (TSI) with a return rate of 52.2%. Retired(More)
This article describes the need for, and the structure and contents of, a reading program to help support children disadvantaged by reading difficulties. The program, delivered by trained and supported volunteers, lasts for 15 weeks. It uses a novel dual approach which aims to improve students’ reading skills and simultaneously enhance their reading-related(More)
Bong (1998) extended the internal/external frame of reference (I/E) model by attempting to operationalize the internal and external comparison processes that are central to the model and expanding the range of academic self-concept domains. Bong concluded that the "I/E model failed to receive clear support" (p. 102) in relation to predictions that she(More)
The localization and distribution of the B2 nuclear phosphoprotein in spermatogenesis in the rat were studied by immuno-gold electron microscopy. In spermiogenesis, the phosphoprotein B2 was shown to have phase-dependent changes in number and distribution. A temporal increase in synthesis of this protein was observed during spermiogenesis. The high quantity(More)
Background Students’ motivation is known to influence academic outcomes. However there is a paucity of research showing the relative influences of motivational factors on short-term and long-term outcomes. Purpose The study investigates the relative influences of motivational factors— mastery goal orientation, value of schooling, and academic self-concepts(More)