Alexander Sedlmeier

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In this paper, we present an efficient methodology tovalidate high performance algorithms and prototype themusing reconfigurable hardware. We follow a strict top-downHardware/Software Codesign paradigm using step-wiserefinement techniques. Starting from a performanceevaluation on the data-flow level using the OCAPI system,we partition the simulated(More)
We describe a Codesign approach based on a parallel and scalable ASIP architecture, which is suitable for the implementation of reactive systems. The specification language of our approach is extended statecharts. Our ASIP architecture is scalable with respect to the number of processing elements as well as parameters such as bus widths and register file(More)
An architecture to build up the control software for an autonomous factory is presented. The basis of the architecture is the CIM hierarchy. This hierarchical concept was changed to an architecture of a production environment consisting of intelligent autonomous units on every level. The uniqueness of the approach for all levels lies in how communication(More)
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