Alexander Schutz

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Domain ontologies very rarely model verbs as relations holding between concepts. However, the role of the verb as a central connecting element between concepts is undeniable. Verbs specify the interaction between the participants of some action or event by expressing relations between them. In parallel, it can be argued from an ontology engineering point of(More)
The complexity of application landscapes (AL) has been identified as one of the major challenges in enterprise architecture (EA) management for quite some time. Since there is no agreed upon definition of the term complexity in general or in the context of EA management in particular, literature offers a broad variety of concepts and measurements.(More)
In digital libraries, keyphrases are an important instrument for cataloguing and information retrieval purposes. In literature research, they provide a high-level and concise summary of the content of textual documents or the topics covered therein, allowing humans to quickly decide whether a given text is relevant. As the amount of textual content on(More)
This study was performed to examine the correlation between mutations of the p53 tumor suppressor gene, the occurrence of apoptosis, and proliferation in cholangiocellular carcinoma of the liver. The results obtained were compared with pathohistological stage (according to UICC) and grade and with disease related survival rate. In 41 curatively (R0−)(More)
This demo abstract describes the SmartWeb Ontology-based Annotation system (SOBA). A key feature of SOBA is that all information is extracted and stored with respect to the SmartWeb Integrated Ontology (SWIntO). In this way, other components of the systems, which use the same ontology, can access this information in a straightforward way. We will show how(More)
In this paper we describe OntoLT, a plug-in for the widely used Protégé ontology development tool that supports the interactive extraction and/or extension of ontologies from text. The OntoLT approach aims at providing an environment for the integration of linguistic analysis in ontology development. OntoLT enables the definition of mapping rules with which(More)
In this paper we present the SALT (Semantically Annotated LATEX) Triple, a set of tools built to demonstrate a complete annotation workflow from creation to usage. The Triple set contains the authoring and annotation framework, an editor and a web publisher which helps the generation or uses the generated metadata for a specific purpose. The demos show(More)
UNLABELLED Acute oro-pharyngeal catarrh is characterised by mild to severe sore throat, such as pain on swallowing, feeling of scratchiness, burning and urge to cough. The present study was conducted to explore whether the test compound is going to show clinical relevance and is a suitable medication for the relief of these symptoms. OBJECTIVE Description(More)
The structure of a document has an important influence on the perception of its content. Considering scientific publications, we can affirm that by making use of the ordinary linear layout, a well organized publication, following a "red wire", will always be better understood and analyzed than one having a poor or chaotic structure, but not necessarily poor(More)
When faced with the task of incorporating legacy web data from existing HTML pages into the Semantic Web (SW), a widespread approach is to use Information Extraction (IE) and Named Entity Recognition (NER) techniques. Natural language texts are annotated automatically or semi-automatically, and thus formal data is extracted from the texts. While this allows(More)