Alexander Schulze

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AIMS To investigate the evolution of the relationship between education and smoking behaviour (ever-smoking and age of initiation) among German birth cohorts of 1921-70. PARTICIPANTS A total of 5297 respondents to the German Federal Health Survey of 1998 were divided into 10-year sex-birth-education cohorts. MEASUREMENTS Self-reported smoking histories(More)
This study examines temporal differences in cigarette smoking initiation and cessation among male and female birth cohorts of 1926-1970 born in Germany. Based on the German Federal Health Survey 1998 the sample is divided into a series of 5-year sex-birth cohorts, beginning with those born between 1926 and 1930 and extending to those born between 1966 and(More)
Das Deutsche Krebsforschungszentrum führte gemeinsam mit der Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung und mit Unterstützung der Weltgesundheitsorganisation (WHO) im Jahr 2004 eine bevölkerungsbezogene Tabakentwöhnungskampagne mit dem Titel „Rauchfrei 2004“ durch. Mittels massenmedialer Kommunikation sollten möglichst viele Raucher motiviert werden,(More)
Replacement of the N-terminal beta-alanyl-amide moiety in previously identified matriptase inhibitors by non-charged aryl groups caused a slightly decreased potency and partially reduced selectivity, especially towards thrombin. However, some of these analogues are still potent matriptase inhibitors with K(i)-values <10nM. In contrast, improved activity was(More)
BACKGROUND In 2004, the German Cancer Research Center ("Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum" [DKFZ]), collaborating with the Federal Center for Health Education (""Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung" [BZgA]) and supported by the World Health Organization (WHO), carried out a population-related smoking cessation campaign entitled "Rauchfrei 2004"(More)
A novel series of matriptase inhibitors based on previously identified tribasic 3-amidinophenylalanine derivatives was prepared. The C-terminal basic group was replaced by neutral residues to reduce the hydrophilicity of the inhibitors. The most potent compound 22 inhibits matriptase with a K(i) value of 0.43 nM, but lacks selectivity towards factor Xa. By(More)
BACKGROUND This study examines the effectiveness of the school-based campaign "Smoke-Free Class Competition" as a means of preventing young non-smokers from taking up smoking. METHODS Based on two measurements of the Heidelberg Children's Panel Study (1998 and 2000), a longitudinal sample of 1704 pupils was examined: 948 in the intervention group and 756(More)
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