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Even though the sense of touch is crucial for humans, most humanoid robots lack tactile sensing. While a large number of sensing technologies exist, it is not trivial to incorporate them into a robot. We have developed a compliant “skin” for humanoids that integrates a distributed pressure sensor based on capacitive technology. The skin is(More)
Corallopyronin A is a myxobacterial compound with potent antibacterial activity. Feeding experiments with labelled precursors resulted in the deduction of all biosynthetic building blocks for corallopyronin A and revealed an unusual feature of this metabolite: its biosynthesis from two chains, one solely PKS-derived and the other NRPS/PKS-derived. The(More)
The European Myeloma Network (EMN) organized two flow cytometry workshops. The first aimed to identify specific indications for flow cytometry in patients with monoclonal gammopathies, and consensus technical approaches through a questionnaire-based review of current practice in participating laboratories. The second aimed to resolve outstanding technical(More)
Covering: up to the end of 2013. Myxobacteria produce a vast range of structurally diverse natural products with prominent biological activities. Here, we provide a detailed description and judge the potential of all antibiotically active myxobacterial compounds as lead structures, pointing out their particularities and, if known, their mode of action.(More)
This work introduces a novel chitosan-based siRNA nanoparticle delivery system for RNA interference in vitro and in vivo. The formation of interpolyelectrolyte complexes between siRNA duplexes (21-mers) and chitosan polymer into nanoparticles, ranging from 40 to 600 nm, was shown using atomic force microscopy and photon correlation spectroscopy. Rapid(More)
The objective of this study was to compare the effective radiation dose of perineural and epidural injections of the lumbar spine under computed tomography (CT) or fluoroscopic guidance with respect to dose-reduced protocols. We assessed the radiation dose with an Alderson Rando phantom at the lumbar segment L4/5 using 29 thermoluminescence dosimeters.(More)
An important aspect of multi-step tumorigenesis is the mutational activation of genes of the RAS family, particularly in sporadic cancers of the pancreas, colon, lung and myeloid system. RAS genes encode small GTP-binding proteins that affect gene expression in a global way by acting as major switches in signal transduction processes, coupling extracellular(More)
Generation of B and plasma cells involves several organs with a necessary cell trafficking between them. A detailed phenotypic characterization of four circulating B-cell subsets (immature-, naïve-, memory- B-lymphocytes and plasma cells) of 106 healthy adults was realized by multiparametric flow cytometry. We show that CD10, CD27 and CD38 is the minimal(More)
The purpose of this study was to establish a procedure capable of isolating distinct B-cell subpopulations from human tonsils as a basis for subsequent molecular analyses. Overall, 5 distinct B-cell subpopulations were purified from fresh tonsils based on their fluorescence surface marker expression: naive B cells, centroblasts, centrocytes, memory B cells,(More)
BACKGROUND Human natural killer (NK) cells are the key contributors of innate immune response and the effector functions of these cells are enhanced by cytokines such as interleukine 2 (IL2). We utilized genome-wide transcriptional profiling to identify gene expression signatures and pathways in resting and IL2 activated NK cell isolated from peripheral(More)