Alexander Schasse

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This paper presents a new approach of microphone array sampling and processing for acoustic source localization. By sampling circular arrays in a round robin fashion, non-linear modulations are purposefully induced by means of the Doppler effect. The discrete time Teager-Kaiser Energy Operator is then used to analyze these modulations. It enables a(More)
Recently, it has been proposed to use the minimum-variance distortionless-response (MVDR) approach in single-channel speech enhancement in the short-time frequency domain. By applying optimal FIR filters to each subband signal, these filters reduce additive noise components with less speech distortion compared to conventional approaches. An important(More)
The filter-bank system implemented in hearing aids has to fulfill various constraints such as low latency and high stop-band attenuation, usually at the cost of low frequency resolution. In the context of frequency-domain noise-reduction algorithms, insufficient frequency resolution may lead to annoying residual noise artifacts since the spectral harmonics(More)
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