Alexander S Ioannidis

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PURPOSE Breast cancer is the most common tumour to metastasize to the uveal tract. The mean survival period after diagnosis of metastasis to the eye, ranges from 10 to 32 months. However, recent advances in therapy including the use of monoclonal antibody therapy, will hopefully improve treatment outcomes and prolong survival rates. METHODS We report a(More)
PURPOSE To investigate factors that may influence successful correction of hypotony in a consecutive series of patients with cyclodialysis clefts repaired surgically over a 10-year period. DESIGN Retrospective interventional case series. METHODS Interventional case series of consecutive patients with cyclodialysis clefts and hypotony treated surgically(More)
INTRODUCTION We report a case of optic atrophy, necrotizing anterior scleritis and keratitis presenting in a patient with Streptococcal Toxic Shock Syndrome. CASE PRESENTATION A 43-year-old woman developed streptococcal toxic shock syndrome secondary to septic arthritis of her right ankle. Streptococcus pyogenes (b-haemolyticus Group A) was isolated from(More)
INTRODUCTION Diabetic keratopathy is a rare complication of diabetes mellitus. This case illustrates the importance of checking blood sugar levels of patients with non-healing corneal ulcers to rule out the possibility of undiagnosed diabetes mellitus. CASE PRESENTATION We report the unusual case of a 24-year-old southeast Asian woman who presented with a(More)
INTRODUCTION We report the case of a patient with extreme pain following accidental exposure to the latex of Euphorbia lathyris. CASE PRESENTATION A 76-year-old Caucasian woman attended the ophthalmology department with acute severe bilateral eye pain. This occurred immediately after having pulled a weed out of her garden with her bare hands. She recalled(More)
A 49-year-old man with AIDS developed acute monocular visual loss and an ipsilateral swollen optic disc with a large right relative afferent pupillary defect, a nerve fiber bundle visual field defect, and a peripapillary retinal infiltrate. Lumbar puncture disclosed cytomegalovirus (CMV) DNA on polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Treatment with oral(More)
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