Alexander S Dukhanin

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Two calcium-binding sites of the Mts1 protein, a member of S-100 protein family, were distinguished with the Fluo-3 fluorescent technique. The geometric mean of the apparent dissociation constant (Kd) for these two sites is 2.6 microM; the Hill coefficient (nH) is 0.98. In the presence of a novel target protein p37, isolated from the mouse adenocarcinoma(More)
Hydrocortisone (1–10 µM) has no effect on spontaneous platelet aggregation and induces a 5–10-sec latency after platelet activation with 1 µM ADP. Hydrocortisone inhibits collagen-induced platelet aggregation; this effect is blocked by excess of progesterone. Hydrocortisone potentiates the effect of adenosine on disaggregation: in the absence of the hormone(More)
Glucocorticosteroids exert profound antiallergie and antiinfiammatory activity. Also, the IgE-dependent release of histamine by mase cells and basophils is inhibited by glucocorticoid hormones. The effect is seen after at least 4 to 8 h preincubation with nanomolar to micromolar concentrations of glucocorticoids [1]. The mechanism by which they act appears(More)
Peptidoglycane-recognizing protein Tag7 formed a complex with S100A4 (a representative of S100 protein family), the apparent dissociation constants in the absence and presence of Ca2+ were 2×10−8 M and 10−9 M, respectively. Analysis of fluorescence spectra of hydrophobic fluorescent probe 2-toluidinyl naphthalene-6-sulfonate in the presence of S100A4 and(More)
Histamine causes a rapid and prolonged increase in the intracellular concentration of free Ca ions in cardiomyocytes. The initial increase in Ca content is determined by Ca release from intracellular depots; the second phase of Ca response (plateau phase) is due to Ca entry. The effects of antihistamine agents with different mechanisms of action on the(More)
Testosterone and its high-molecular-weight form (testosterone covalently immobilized on bovine serum albumin) induced a rise of intracellular calcium concentration. The effectiveness of dihydrotestosterone was much lower compared to that of testosterone. Gestagens drospirenone and, to a lesser extent,(More)
S100A4 protein is present in low concentrations (2.1–15.7 ng/106 cells) in lymphocyte and neutrophil culture medium. Addition of stimulants to the cells did not lead to an appreciable increase in the content of this protein. The initial content of S100A4 is significantly higher (92–447 ng/106 cells) in culture media of highly metastatic KSML-100(More)
Low-intensity electromagnetic field (12.6 cm, 2375 MHz, power density 1 mW/cm2) produced retrograde amnesia in the rat passive avoidance test. No effect was registered of microwave irradiation on the open field behavior and the pain sensitivity. Functional activity of the m-cholinergic receptors decreased, but their number increased in the brain cortex. It(More)
Parameters of NO metabolism in the gingiva were studied during experimental periodontitis accompanied by alloxan diabetes and exogenous hypercholesterolemia. We measured activities of inducible and constitutive NO synthase and concentrations of stable NO end metabolites in rat gingival tissue (total contents of nitrite and nitrate). Under pathological(More)