Alexander S. Douglas

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A new technique, tagged Cine-Magnetic Resonance Imaging (tMRI), was used to develop a mechanical model that represented local, homogeneous, internal tongue deformation during speech. The goal was to infer muscle activity within the tongue from tissue deformations seen on tMRI. Measurements were made in three sagittal slices (left, middle, right) during(More)
This study demonstrated that a simple mechanical model of global tongue movement in parallel sagittal planes could be used to quantify tongue motion during speech. The goal was to represent simply the differences in 2D tongue surface shapes and positions during speech movements and in subphonemic speech events such as coarticulation and left-to-right(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about seasonal fluctuations in psychological well-being among elderly people. METHOD Over a period of 21 months, 1466 elderly people completed the General Health Questionnaire and the Leeds Scales for Depression and Anxiety. Scores during the winter months (December to February) were compared with those during other months of(More)
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