Alexander S. Balankin

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We study the scaling properties of randomly folded aluminum sheets of different thicknesses h and widths L . We found that the fractal dimension D=2.30+/-0.01 and the force scaling exponent delta=0.21+/-0.02 are independent of the sheet thickness and close to those obtained in numerical simulations with a coarse-grained model of triangulated self-avoiding(More)
Using a combination of laboratory experiments and computer simulation we show that microwaves reflected from and transmitted through soil have a fractal dimension correlated to that of the soil's hierarchic permittivity network. The mathematical model relating the ground-penetrating radar record to the mass fractal dimension of soil structure is also(More)
Spin dynamics on networks allows us to understand how a global consensus emerges out of individual opinions. Here, we are interested in the effect of heterogeneity in the initial geographic distribution of a competing opinion on the competitiveness of its own opinion. Accordingly, in this work, we studied the effect of spatial heterogeneity on the majority(More)
We study the static and dynamic properties of networks of crumpled creases formed in hand crushed sheets of paper. The fractal dimensionalities of crumpling networks in the unfolded (flat) and folded configurations are determined. Some other noteworthy features of crumpling networks are established. The physical implications of these findings are discussed.(More)
We study stress relaxation in hand folded aluminum foils subjected to the uniaxial compression force F(λ). We found that once the compression ratio is fixed (λ=const) the compression force decreases in time as F∝F_{0}P(t), where P(t) is the survival probability time distribution belonging to the domain of attraction of max-stable distribution of the Fréchet(More)
We study the effect of weak vibrations on the imbibition of water in granular media. In our experiments, we have observed that as soon as the vibration is applied, an initially pinned wetting front advances in the direction of imbibition. We found that the front motion is governed by the avalanches of localized intermittent advances directed at 45° to the(More)
We study theoretically and experimentally the effect of long-range correlations in the material microstructure on the stress concentration in the vicinity of the notch tip. We find that while in a fractal continuum the notch-tip displacements obey the classic asymptotic for a linear elastic continuum, the power-law decay of notch-tip stresses is controlled(More)
We study the kinetics of water escape from balls folded from square aluminum foils of different thickness and edge size. We found that the water discharge rate obeys the scaling relation Q ∝ V{P}(M-M{r}){α} with the universal scaling exponents α=3 ± 0.1, where V{P} is the volume of pore space, M(t) is the actual mass of water in the ball, and M{r} is the(More)