Alexander S Bailey

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STUDY DESIGN A basic science animal investigation. OBJECTIVES To determine if bipedal rats differ in upright posture compared with quadrupedal rats. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA It has been reported that surgically induced bipedalism in the rat leads to habitual upright posture. Based on this finding, bipedal rats have been used to study the changes erect(More)
Thirty-three cadaveric dissections were performed to identify radial nerve branching patterns to the triceps brachii. Radial innervation of the long head of the triceps originated in the axilla in 88% of the cases and the brachio-axillary angle in 12%. Innervation of the medial head of the triceps originated in the spiral groove in 52% of the cases, the(More)
INTRODUCTION Treatment of low-back pain using Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) has been historically challenging. Advances in surgical leads and programming capabilities have been thought to potentially enable improved low-back pain relief using SCS. A recently introduced 32-contact surgical lead, which couples multiple independent current control (MICC) and(More)
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