Alexander Ryabchenko

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We propose a wide class of preferential attachment models of random graphs, generalizing previous approaches. Graphs described by these models obey the power-law degree distribution, with the exponent that can be controlled in the models. Moreover, clustering coefficient of these graphs can also be controlled. We propose a concrete flexible model from our(More)
The structural proteins OspC, FlaB, FlaA and DbpB of agent of ixodic tick borreliosis are one of main antigens inducing humoral immunity at initial stages of disease. Owing to it, the task was stated to evaluate antigen activity of recombinant proteins OspC (OscP-Bg), fragment of FlaB (f-FlaB) and DbpB of genospecies B. garinii and OspC (OscC-Ba) of(More)
The structural OspC and FlaB proteins of the Lyme disease (LD) agent are known to be the main antigens that induce a humoral immune response at the initial stage of the disease. It is the purpose of this paper to obtain the recombinant OspC protein and a fragment of FlaB protein (f-FlaB) from the western Siberian Borrelia Garinii NT29 isolates and to(More)
Production of recombinant human apolipoprotein A-I (apoA-I) in E. coli cells is described and its biological properties are compared with those of natural protein. Recombinant apoA-I was isolated as a chimeric polypeptide and then processed to a mature form apoA-I (rapo-I). We studied the ability of the resulting protein to penetrate into hepatocyte nuclei(More)
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