Alexander Ruggieri

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Our objective is to develop a framework for creating reference standards for functional testing of computerized measures of semantic relatedness. Currently, research on computerized approaches to semantic relatedness between biomedical concepts relies on reference standards created for specific purposes using a variety of methods for their analysis. In most(More)
Using a classification scheme of patient medication status we sought to recognize and categorize medications mentioned in the unrestricted text of clinical documents generated in clinical practice. The categories refer to the patient's status with respect to the medication such as discontinuation, start or initiation, and continuation of a given medication.(More)
BACKGROUND Concept-based Indexing is purported to provide more granular data representation for clinical records.1,2 This implies that a detailed clinical terminology should be able to provide improved access to clinical records. To date there is no data to show that a clinical reference terminology is superior to a precoordinated terminology in its ability(More)
Health and functional status data have been shown to have clinical utility in predicting outcome. Various metadata registries in the form of patient self-administered health assessment questionnaires have been incorporated into routine clinical care and clinical research of patients with rheumatic disease. Examples of such health assessment instruments are(More)
OBJECTIVE Medical information is increasingly being presented in a web-enabled format. Medical journals, guidelines, and textbooks are all accessible in a web-based format. It would be desirable to link these reference sources to the electronic medical record to provide education, to facilitate guideline implementation and usage and for decision support. In(More)
The International Classification of Impairment, Disability, and Handicap Version 2(ICIDH-2), an anticipated addition to the World Health Organization suite of terminologies, has been put forth as a means for standardized representation of generic health and/or functional status data. In an attempt to make explicit the ontology upon which ICIDH-2 is based(More)
A patient with an acquired immune deficiency syndrome developed a lupus anticoagulant in which the inhibitory activity was manifested only as a prolongation of the partial thromboplastin time. Contrary to previous reports, the substitution of platelets or platelet sonicates for phospholipid in this coagulant assay failed to correct the abnormality and the(More)
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