Alexander Rubowitz

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PURPOSE To examine the role of ascorbic acid in reducing corneal endothelial cell loss secondary to high-energy ultrasound energy during phacoemulsification surgery. METHODS Seventeen rabbit eyes were subjected to prolonged phacoemulsification within the anterior chamber, without manipulation or damage to other ocular structures. In nine eyes, a balanced(More)
PURPOSE To examine the current spectrum of bacterial isolates in cases of chronic dacryocystitis and dacryoabcess and to determine their antibiotic sensitivities. MATERIALS AND METHODS We carried out a prospective study in which 39 patients who presented to the outpatient clinic with chronic purulent dacryocystitis or acute dacryoabscess had cultures(More)
BACKGROUND This study compared axial length changes induced by circumferential scleral buckling using a silicone sponge with literature reports for solid silicone rubber. METHODS Records of patients treated with scleral buckling in 2009-2013 using a silicone sponge, with preoperative axial length biometry measurements were reviewed. Additional information(More)
PURPOSE To report a case in which cataract surgery was performed under local anesthesia, with continuous positive airway pressure-assisted ventilation. METHODS A 40-year-old woman with myotonic dystrophy and severe orthopnea, who could not lie supine because of severe orthopnea, and who was a high-risk candidate for general anesthesia, underwent cataract(More)
PURPOSE To analyse surgical outcomes following cataract surgery in patients aged 90 years and older. METHODS A retrospective case series of 78 patients aged 90 years or more (82 eyes) undergoing cataract extraction between 2000 and 2006 was performed. Age, sex, ocular comorbidities, surgical reports, preoperative and postoperative visual acuity (VA), and(More)
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