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Static and dynamic binding capacities of human immunoglobulin G on polymethacrylate based mixed-modal, thiophilic and hydrophobic cation exchangers.
The aim of this study was to investigate functional increments of ion exchange type ligands, which may improve the performance of mixed-modal ligands for antibody capture out of feed solutions withExpand
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Quantification of immunoglobulin G and characterization of process related impurities using coupled protein A and size exclusion high performance liquid chromatography.
The present work describes two HPLC-UV methods for multi-protein quantification using (i) only a Protein A sensor cartridge (Protein A HPLC) and (ii) the same Protein A cartridge in combination withExpand
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Immobilisation and evaluation of weak cation exchange ligands for immunoglobulin G purification
Diese Diplomarbeit befast sich mit der Immobilisierung von schwachen kationenaustauscher Liganden auf Fractogel als Tragermaterial. Im Anschluss daran erfolgt die Messung der Bindungskapazitat dieserExpand