Alexander Reshetov

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We propose new approaches to ray tracing that greatly reduce the required number of operations while strictly preserving the geometrical correctness of the solution. A hierarchical "beam" structure serves as a proxy for a collection of rays. It is tested against a kd-tree representing the overall scene in order to discard from consideration the sub-set of(More)
This paper addresses the problem of computing the triangles visible from a region in space. The proposed aggressive visibility solution is based on stochastic ray shooting and can take any triangular model as input. We do not rely on connectivity information, volumetric occluders, or the availability of large occluders, and can therefore process any given(More)
Most modern games use deferred shading, in which shading is performed only for visible pixels, allowing greater artistic freedom in scene composing and lighting. However, traditional antialiasing techniques, such as super-sampling and multi-sampling, are not well-suited for deferred shading pipeline, since all subsamples have to be explicitly written to(More)
Rendering a polygonal surface with Phong normal interpolation allows shading to appear as it would for a true curved surface while maintaining the efficiency and simplicity of coarse polygonal geometry. However, this approximation fails in certain situations, especially for grazing viewing directions. Well-known problems include physically impossible(More)
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