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The molecular mechanisms mediating chemosensory discrimination in insects are unknown. Using the enhancer trapping approach, we identified a new Drosophila mutant, lush, with odorant-specific defects in olfactory behavior. lush mutant flies are abnormally attracted to high concentrations of ethanol, propanol, and butanol but have normal chemosensory(More)
Two cDNAs encoding proteins, PpPLC1 and PpPLC2, with catalytic and C2 domains conserved in plant phosphoinositide-specific phospholipase C (PI-PLC) were isolated from Physcomitrella patens. The N domain, which has been identified in Arabidopsis PI-PLCs as an EF hand-like domain, was found in both isoforms, although that in PpPLC2 was a split type. At(More)
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