Alexander R. Williams

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Incidental memory for three types of cartoons was compared: original cartoons, literal translations of the originals, and weird cartoons created by inserting incongruous material into the literal translations. In Experiment 1, the three types of cartoons were mixed together in lists. In Experiment 2, each list contained only two cartoon types. In both(More)
Data were collected by the Virgin Islands Beef Cattle Improvement Program and the Virgin Islands Agricultural Experiment Station staff to establish the breed structure of the Senepol cattle. Data for the analysis were limited to the two Virgin Islands Senepol breeders with the most complete and largest set of records, representing approximately 65% of the(More)
Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from passenger cars represent an important and growing contributor to climate change. Increasing the proportion of electric vehicles (EVs) in passenger car fleets could help to reduce these emissions, but their ability to do this depends on the fuel mix used in generating the electricity that energises EVs. This study analyzes(More)
The purpose of this paper is to obtain by different methods, and where possible to extend, the results given by Clebsch and Hillf for quintic surfaces having two distinct skew double lines. In a second paper, which will appear in an early issue of this Bulletin, I discuss a surface, due to Montesano, which has two consecutive skew double lines. The equation(More)
The purpose of this paper is to describe certain Cremona transformations in 4-space and S-space, especially the former. The transformations in question are interesting on account of analogies with transformations in ordinary space, because they can be simply expressed and effectively studied by the use of equations, as well as synthetically, and because of(More)