Steven A Cummer3
Allen M Hawkes2
John P Barrett2
3Steven A Cummer
2Allen M Hawkes
2John P Barrett
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We present the design and experimental implementation of a power harvesting metamaterial. A maximum of 36.8% of the incident power from a 900 MHz signal is experimentally rectified by an array of metamaterial unit cells. We demonstrate that the maximum harvested power occurs for a resistive load close to 70 X in both simulation and experiment. The power(More)
We present an experimental demonstration of phase conjugation using nonlinear metamaterial elements. Active split-ring resonators loaded with varactor diodes are demonstrated theoretically to act as phase-conjugating or time-reversing discrete elements when parametrically pumped and illuminated with appropriate frequencies. The metamaterial elements were(More)
—We present the design and experimental implementation of an RF limiter metamaterial using a sheet of nonlinear metamaterials. We demonstrate that complementary electric in-ductive-capacitive resonators loaded with nonlinear p-in diodes can act as RF limiter unit cells. We design and fabricate limiter metamaterials and compare them to traditional circuit(More)
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