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IMPORTANCE Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) are among the most commonly used drugs worldwide and have been linked to acute interstitial nephritis. Less is known about the association between PPI use and chronic kidney disease (CKD). OBJECTIVE To quantify the association between PPI use and incident CKD in a population-based cohort. DESIGN, SETTING, AND(More)
BACKGROUND Serum phosphorus levels have been associated with mortality in some but not all studies. Because dietary intake prior to measurement can affect serum phosphorus levels, we hypothesized that the association between serum phosphorus level and mortality is strongest in those who have fasted longer. STUDY DESIGN Prospective cohort study. SETTING(More)
BACKGROUND Evaluation of candidates to serve as living kidney donors relies on screening for individual risk factors for end-stage renal disease (ESRD). To support an empirical approach to donor selection, we developed a tool that simultaneously incorporates multiple health characteristics to estimate a person's probable long-term risk of ESRD if that(More)
Interest in the health effects of dietary phosphorus is burgeoning, yet sources and trends in phosphorus consumption have not been well characterized. We describe trends in and primary sources of dietary phosphorus in a nationally representative sample of 34,741 US adults, 20+ years old (NHANES 2001-2014). Dietary sources of phosphorus were estimated in(More)
BACKGROUND Modifiable lifestyle-related factors are associated with risk of coronary heart disease and may also influence kidney disease risk. STUDY DESIGN Community-based prospective cohort study. SETTING & PARTICIPANTS 2,354 African American and white participants aged 28-40 years without baseline microalbuminuria or estimated glomerular filtration(More)
Severe obesity is associated with increased risk of kidney disease. Whether bariatric surgery reduces the risk of adverse kidney outcomes is uncertain. To resolve this we compared the risk of estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) decline of ≥30% and doubling of serum creatinine or end-stage renal disease (ESRD) in 985 patients who underwent bariatric(More)
Pleomorphic xanthoastrocytoma (PXA) is a rare, low-grade astrocytic tumor found in the central nervous system. Histologically, the tumor is characterized by markedly pleomorphic and lipidized cells. Although most of the patients have a favorable prognosis, a small number of cases undergoing recurrence or progression to anaplastic astrocytoma were reported.(More)
Presence of chronic kidney disease (CKD) defined as decreased glomerular filtration rate (GFR) and/or increased urine albumin excretion is associated with heightened risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and all-cause as well as CVD mortality. Although CKD is strongly linked with CVD, it remains undetermined whether this strong association is simply due to(More)
BACKGROUND Adiposis dolorosa (AD) is a syndrome of obese and non-obese individuals whose hallmark is lipomatosis: unencapsulated painful fatty masses in subcutaneous fat. Lipomatosis may contain excess collagen and multi-nucleated giant (MNG) cells. Case reports suggest metabolic defects in AD. OBJECTIVES (1) To determine whether women with AD have(More)
INTRODUCTION Immunocompetent patients can reactivate latent cytomegalovirus (CMV) during critical illness and reactivation is associated with significantly worse outcomes. Prior to clinical trials in humans to prove causality, we sought to determine an optimal antiviral treatment strategy. METHODS Mice latently infected with murine CMV (MCMV) received a(More)