Alexander Prehn

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The aim of the present study was to investigate whether chemosensory anxiety signals can activate behavioral withdrawal systems in humans. Twelve male university students donated their axillary sweat in two situations: right before an oral academic examination (anxiety condition) and during ergometric training (exercise condition). Subjective ratings(More)
Chemosensory communication of anxiety is a common phenomenon in vertebrates and improves perceptual and responsive behaviour in the perceiver in order to optimize ontogenetic survival. A few rating studies reported a similar phenomenon in humans. Here, we investigated whether subliminal face perception changes in the context of chemosensory anxiety signals.(More)
Polar molecules have a rich internal structure and long-range dipole-dipole interactions, making them useful for quantum-controlled applications and fundamental investigations. Their potential fully unfolds at ultracold temperatures, where various effects are predicted in many-body physics, quantum information science, ultracold chemistry and physics beyond(More)
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