Alexander Ponomarev

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The integration of business processes across organizations is typically beneficial for all involved parties. However, the lack of trust is often a roadblock. Blockchain is an emerging technology for decentralized and transactional data sharing across a network of untrusted participants. It can be used to find agreement about the shared state of(More)
Blockchain is an emerging technology for decentralized and transactional data sharing across a large network of untrusted participants. It enables new forms of distributed software architectures, where components can find agreements on their shared states without trusting a central integration point or any particular participating components. Considering(More)
Physiological and biochemical features of woody plants (Pinus sylvestris L. and Betula platyphylla Sukacz.) during transition from vegetative to frost-resistant state under conditions of extremely severe climate of Yakutia were studied. In P. sylvestris such transition was accompanied by a decrease in the content of chlorophylls long before first frosts and(More)
Half a decade after Bitcoin became the first widely used cryptocurrency, blockchains are receiving considerable interest from industry and the research community. Modern blockchains feature services such as name registration and smart contracts. Some employ new forms of consensus, such as proof-of-stake instead of proof-of-work. However, these blockchains(More)
To evaluate inter- and intra-populational divergence of the endangered Siberian crane a comparative analysis of mtDNA D-loop region (490 bp) sequences was performed for 17 captive cranes including 14 originating from the eastern and 3 from the central nesting area. Thirteen variable sites form 9 haplotypes, 6 belonging to the eastern nesting site(More)
Blockchain technology enables the execution of collaborative business processes involving untrusted parties without requiring a central authority. Specifically, a process model comprising tasks performed by multiple parties can be coordinated via smart contracts operating on the blockchain. The consensus mechanism governing the blockchain thereby guarantees(More)
Blockchain is of rising importance as a technology for engineering applications in cross-organizational settings, avoiding reliance on central trusted third-parties. The use of blockchain, instead of traditional databases or services, is an architectural choice in the development of a software system. The costs of execution and storage are important(More)
258 The frost hardiness degree of perennial plants is determined by seasonal cold acclimation and deaccli mation depending on the rhythms of photoperiod and temperature in the habitats. The sharp continental climate of Central Yakutia determines the specific ity of plants’ passing through the hardening phase, earlier deep dormancy under the conditions of(More)
In this paper there were studied the physical and mechanical properties of Zr1 % Nb alloy irradiated by the Kr ion beam with energy of 107 MeV, fluences of 1·1013 and 1014 ion/cm2, and exposed to the microsecond high-current pulsed electron beam with the energy of 370 keV, incident energy fluence in the range of 20...200 J/cm2. The low-intense Kr ion(More)
The application of scanning nuclear microprobe for study a radiation-induced migration of impurities at the grain boundaries in structural materials was considered. The work describes the sample preparation for a further irradiation of microscopic areas which include a few grains. Copper samples with deposited sulfur film were used in the present work.(More)