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In many organisms, the circadian clock is composed of functionally coupled morning and evening oscillators. In Arabidopsis, oscillator coupling relies on a core loop in which the evening oscillator component TIMING OF CAB EXPRESSION 1 (TOC1) was proposed to activate a subset of morning-expressed oscillator genes. Here, we show that TOC1 does not function as(More)
3D-representations of complex technical objects are the foundation of modern industry. The proposed technique solves the problem of the accuracy and completeness increase of three-dimensional representations, as well as the time saving task of their generation. The way to save and reuse the process stages of acquisition 3D-representations serves as a basis(More)
3D-representations of complex technical objects are the basis of today’s industry. The proposed technology solves tasks of increasing the accuracy and comprehension of the 3D-representations, and decreasing the time needed to synthesize ones. It bases upon the mechanism of saving and re-using steps of the process of synthesizing the 3D-representations. The(More)
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