Alexander Pogromsky

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Technical reports from the Automatic Control group in Linkk oping are available by anonymous ftp at the address This report is contained in the compressed postscript le Abstract The paper deals with the stabilizability and passiiability properties of a class of hybrid dynamical systems. The systems under consideration are(More)
The synchronization problem for complex discrete{time systems is revisited from a control perspective and it is argued that the problem may be viewed as an observer problem. It is shown that for several classes of systems a solution for the synchronization (observer) problem exists. Also, by allowing past measurements a dynamic mechanism for state(More)
This paper examines synchronization of a set of metronomes placed on a lightweight foam platform. Two configurations of the set of metronomes are considered: a row setup containing one-dimensional coupling and a cross setup containing two-dimensional coupling. Depending on the configuration and coupling between the metronomes, i.e., the platform parameters,(More)
—In this paper we consider the problem of the existence and stability of invariant manifolds in a network of diffusively coupled identical systems. It is shown that the existence of a symmetry in the network implies the existence of linear invariant manifolds. This correspond to so called partial synchronization , or clusterization, a phenomenon occurring(More)
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