Alexander Pihl

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The protein here named gelonin was extracted from the seeds of Gelonium multiflorum by a buffered phosphate solution and purified in a single step by chromatography on a carboxymethyl cellulose column. Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis in the presence of sodium dodecyl sulfate and gel filtration on Sephacryl 300 superfine showed that gelonin consists of(More)
The survival time of mice after i.v. injection of the cancerostatic lectins, abrin and ricin was recorded. The LD50 dose was found to be 10-13 ng and 55-65 ng per mouse for abrin and ricin, respectively. Increasing amounts of toxin reduced the survival time, reaching a minimum of about 10 h. Lactose injected with ricin, provided partial protection against(More)
The agglutinins present in the seeds of Abrus precatorius and Ricinus communis have been separated from the toxins, abrin and ricin, and extensively purified. The procedure involves ion exchange chromatography on DEAEand CMcellulose columns, affinity chromatography on Sepharose 4B columns, and sucrose gradient centrifugation. The purified agglutinins which(More)
A toxic protein, viscumin, was isolated from extracts of mistletoe by affinity chromatography on acid-treated Sepharose 4B. Viscumin was selectively bound to the column and could be eluted with lactose. It migrated in polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis in the presence of sodium dodecyl sulfate corresponding to Mr = 60,000. In addition, two bands migrating(More)
The current management of osteosarcoma (OS) is critically reviewed and a modified treatment strategy is put forward for discussion. The overall treatment results in high-grade OS are less impressive than widely assumed. Whereas in 'classical OS' survival has indeed increased during the past decades from approximately 20% to at least 60%, in other subgroups,(More)
Kinetic parameters of the interaction of the toxic lectins abrin and ricin with human erythrocytes and HeLa cells have been measured. The binding of 125I-labeled abrin and ricin to human erythrocytes and to HeLa cells at 37 degrees was maximal around pH 7, whereas at 0 degrees the binding was similar over a broad pH range. The binding occurred at similar(More)
Mice and dogs, were treated iv with the cytostatic proteins abrin and ricin and observed for clinical, biochemical, and morphological aberrations. In both mice and dogs death occurred within a narrow dose range. Dogs given toxic doses of ricin and abrin showed weakness, anorexia, apathy, and moderate fever. No signs attributable to the central nervous(More)
An osteosarcoma cell line, OHS, was established from a patient with multiple skeletal manifestations of osteosarcoma, developing after bilateral retinoblastoma. The tumor cells expressed sarcoma-associated antigens and showed rapid growth in monolayers and as multicellular spheroids. They formed distinct colonies in soft agar, and subcutaneous tumors in(More)
The chemosensitivity of human tumor xenografts to mitozolomide, 8-carbamoyl-3-(2-chloroethyl)imidazo[5-1-d]-1,2,3,5-tetrazin-4(3H) -one, was studied in 3 different assay systems. In concentrations of 1 to 500 micrograms/ml, mitozolomide completely inhibited the colony-forming ability in soft agar of cell suspensions from sarcomas, melanomas, lung and colon(More)