Alexander Pekarovskiy

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This paper presents a throwing motion planner based on a goal manifold for two-point boundary value problem. The article outlines algorithmic and geometric issues for planar throwing of rigid objects with a nonprehensile end-effector. Special attention is paid to the challenge of controlling a desired 6-dimensional state of the object with a planar 3-DoF(More)
Throwing an object by a powered robot system is of great importance in unmanned environments. In this paper, we consider the problem of throwing a point-mass object to minimize uncertainty in the object's landing position, given uncertainty in (1) the robot's initial configuration and (2) friction at the joints. Our analysis assumes that the robot's throw(More)
This paper discusses an online dynamic motion generation scheme for nonprehensile object manipulation by using a set of predefined motions and a trajectory deformation algorithm capable of incorporating positional and velocity boundary constraints. By creating optimal trajectories offline and deforming them online, computational complexity during execution(More)
Catching is one of the most complex tasks in the area of dynamic manipulation. Exact information on the position and orientation of a rigid object is crucial in order to accomplish manipulation tasks. Both motion planner and control strategy use these data to achieve the desired contact of a predefined surface with a nonprehensile end-effector, e.g. flat(More)
This paper presents a new device and a method for dynamic manipulation. The device consists of a planar robotic arm and an elastic beam as an end-effector. Using it the elastic end-effector will tend to increase performance and energy efficiency while executing dynamic and repetitive tasks. Through the control of the beam vibration and resonant modes, we(More)
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