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In Cooperative WLAN scenarios, the lack of a centralized management, the existence of many administrative domains and the current association process in wireless networks make it difficult to guarantee the quality that users expect from services and networks. We present Gossipmule, an agent for wireless nodes that enhances the QoE perceived by users in(More)
Near-field far-field transformations for phaseless antenna measurements suffer from suboptimal solutions due to the lack of information contained in amplitude-only data. Publications on the more general problem of phase retrieval have been able to state conditions on the number of amplitude measurements required for various algorithms to find the globally(More)
The IEEE 802.11 association procedure lacks Quality of Experience (QoE) mechanisms. High delays and an association decision based on the Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) do not lead to a QoE-based association among stations (STAs) and access points (APs). This paper presents Gossipmule, a novel approach that takes advantage of opportunistic(More)
Mutual coupling is a common problem in radar applications with closely placed transmit and receive antennas. The useful received RF signals are affected significantly if the received power is low as compared to the mutually coupled power. In this paper, the coupling mechanism between patch antennas is analyzed and a novel decoupling structure based on(More)
In this positioning paper we present the AUDIME project approach in which we plan to evaluate the usability and social acceptance of smart and wearable devices in the context of mass-casualty-incidents. AUDIME aims to provide a platform which captures, evaluates, and provides data from various sources on an incident site. This way, triage, patient(More)
This paper presents the platform ESKAPE, which uses semantic models in addition to data models to handle batch and streaming data on an information focused level. ESKAPE enables users to process, query and subscribe to heterogeneous data sources without the need to consider the data model, facilitating the creation of information products from heterogeneous(More)
Phaseless near-field far-field transformations based on nonconvex optimization suffer from local stationary points. In order to avoid the corresponding suboptimal solutions, the incorporation of combinations of probe signals into the cost functional is proposed and investigated. The nonconvex optimization based on the Wirtinger Calculus relies on forward(More)
Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-modified T cells emerged as effective tools in the immunotherapy of cancer but can produce severe on-target off-tissue toxicities. This risk can conceivably be overcome, at least partially, by transient transfection. The design of CARs, however, has so far not been optimized for use in non-permanent T cell modification. Here(More)
In this demo we present Gossipmule, a decentralized approach to improve WiFi association performance of stations in IEEE 802.11 WLANs. Our approach empowers stations to exchange information regarding the access points's capabilities and performance with other stations, in order to improve association decisions and speed up handoff sessions.
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