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Fitch's Argument and Typing Knowledge
  • Alexander Paseau
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Notre Dame J. Formal Log.
  • 20 April 2008
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The Open-Endedness of the Set Concept and the Semantics of Set Theory
A non-standard semantics for set theory that allegedly sanctions a non-classical logic. Expand
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Mathematical instrumentalism, Gödel’s theorem, and inductive evidence
Abstract Mathematical instrumentalism construes some parts of mathematics, typically the abstract ones, as an instrument for establishing statements in other parts of mathematics, typically theExpand
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Evolution without Naturalism
Does evolutionary theory have implications about the existence of supernatural entities? This question concerns the logical relationships that hold between the theory of evolution and different bitsExpand
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Genuine Modal Realism and Completeness
Divers and Melia (2002) argue by reductio that the genuine modal realist cannot satisfy the left-to-right direction of the universal closure of (P) without resort to modal primitives. In theirExpand
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Review: Logical Pluralism
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Fairness and Aggregation
Sometimes, two unfair distributions cancel out in aggregate. Paradoxically, two distributions each of which is fair in isolation may give rise to aggregate unfairness. When assessing the fairness ofExpand
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Boolos on the justification of set theory
George Boolos has argued that the iterative conception of set justifies most, but not all, the ZFC axioms, and that a second conception of set, the Frege-von Neumann conception (FN), justifies theExpand
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What’s the Point of Complete Rigour?
Complete inferential rigour is achieved by breaking down arguments into steps that are as small as possible: inferential ‘atoms’. For example, a mathematical or philosophical argument may be madeExpand
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