Alexander P . Mikhailov

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The authors present the results of surgical treatment of 106 elderly and senile patients. In 30 patients admitted in a extremely severe condition the acute intestinal obstruction was combined with peritonitis. Postoperative mortality in this group of patients was 86.7% in spite of intensive treatment. In 28 patients generalization of the process was(More)
Metabolic disturbances, such as changes in blood acid-base balance and electrolytic composition; hyperglycemia and hyperlactatemia, are frequent factors that complicate the early postoperative period in patients after cardiac surgery under extracorporeal circulation. The purpose of the study was to estimate the incidence of hyperlactatemia in the early(More)
An analysis of long-term results of pylorus-preserving resections of the stomach performed on 540 patients has shown that 44 patients (8.1%) had different postgastroresectional syndromes. Operations were made on 20 patients with severe manifestations of the postgastroresectional syndromes. An analysis of the causes of complications was made as well as the(More)
A retrospective analysis of treatment of 436 patients with acute bleedings from tumors of the gastrointestinal tract was made. Elderly and senile patients made up 72% of the hospitalized patients. The emergency complex diagnostics in 75% of the patients under conditions of a multi-profile hospital allowed the source of bleeding to be detected during the(More)
The experience with 233 stomach resections in "difficult" ulcers is analyzed. The main cause of complications and lethality after these surgeries is duodenal stump sutures insufficiency seen in 17 (7.3%) patients, and in 10 (4.3%) patients it was the cause of death. Original duodenal stump cover was performed in 86 patients. There were no cases of suture(More)
An analysis of results of surgical treatment of 107 elderly and senile patients with gastroduodenal ulcer bleedings was made. Emergency operations were fulfilled on 47 patients, urgent operations on 56 patients and planned operations--on 4 patients. Ulcers of large size prevailed. Most of the patients had complications of ulcer disease. Palliative(More)
The article generalizes experiences with treatment of 257 patients with postvagotomy syndromes (PVS). The patients were distributed according to the character of the syndromes. Main causes of the development of PVS are discussed. The authors describe the specific methods of diagnosis allowing individualized approach to option of the program of treatment.(More)
Adoption of anti-monopoly measures depends on definition of boundaries of the market subject to analysis. For this purpose the so called “Hypothetical Monopolist Test” (hereinafter referred to as HMT) is widely applied. This report focuses on the HMT model development and algorithmization. Keywords—Hypothetical Monopolist Test, mathematical modeling,(More)
In the clinic there were 545 patients treated for postgastroresectional syndromes, 289 (53%) of them had associated postgastroresectional syndromes. A mild degree of clinical manifestations of the associated syndromes was found in 11%; medium degree in 35% and severe--in 54% of the patients. An individualized approach to the decision for methods of(More)