Alexander P. Fields

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The bending stiffness of double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) at high curvatures is fundamental to its biological activity, yet this regime has been difficult to probe experimentally, and literature results have not been consistent. We created a 'molecular vise' in which base-pairing interactions generated a compressive force on sub-persistence length segments of(More)
Hemangiomas are angiogenesis-dependent benign vascular tumors that can rupture and cause intracranial hemorrhages. We previously showed that the transcription factor homeobox A5 (HoxA5), which is absent in activated angiogenic endothelial cells can block angiogenesis. Here, we investigated whether restoring expression of HoxA5 blocks hemangioma growth by(More)
In this study, we evaluated the factor structure, reliability estimates, item parameters, and differential correlates of the short form of the Intolerance of Uncertainty Scale (Carleton, Norton, & Asmundson, 2007 ) in samples of undergraduate women (n = 387) and men (n = 276) ranging in age from 18 to 49 years (M = 20.20, SD = 3.91). This instrument was(More)
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