Alexander Otto

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Silicon Carbide (SiC) based transistor devices have demonstrated higher efficiency switching operation compared to silicon-based, state-of-the-art solutions due to the superior electrical and thermal properties of the SiC material. The improved current density and thermal conductivity allows SiC-based power modules to be smaller than their silicon(More)
Effectively removing dissipated heat from the switching devices enables a higher current carrying capability per chip area ratio, thus leading to smaller or fewer devices for a given power requirement specification. Further, the use of SiC based devices has proven to increase the efficiency of the system thereby reducing the dissipated heat. Thermal models(More)
– Well managed, maintained and effective National Infrastructure (NI) systems (i.e. energy, transport, water, waste, ICT) provide the backbone for economic growth and societal wellbeing. Traditionally, NI planning and implementation has been conducted in isolation, based upon fixed assumptions about the future. This fails to recognise both the long-term(More)
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