Alexander Onic

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— Unique word OFDM is a novel technique for constructing OFDM symbols, that has many advantages over cyclic prefix OFDM. In this paper we investigate two different approaches for the generation of an OFDM symbol containing a unique word in its time domain representation. The two-step and the direct approach seem very similar at first sight, but actually(More)
—Unique word – orthogonal frequency division mul-tiplexing (UW-OFDM) is a novel OFDM signaling concept, where the guard interval is built of a deterministic sequence – the so-called unique word – instead of the conventional random cyclic prefix. In contrast to previous attempts with deterministic sequences in the guard interval the addressed UW-OFDM(More)
—Unique word orthogonal frequency division multi-plexing (UW-OFDM) inherently introduces a complex number Reed Solomon (RS) code. Originally, the code generator matrix of systematic coded UW-OFDM had been designed rather intuitively by minimizing the mean redundant energy. In this work we justify this approach by applying a cost function that incorporates(More)