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Direct vs. Two-Step Approach for Unique Word Generation in UW-OFDM
This paper investigates two different approaches for the generation of an OFDM symbol containing a unique word in its time domain representation, which seem very similar at first sight, but actually produce completely different OFDM symbols.
Short-Range Leakage Cancelation in FMCW Radar Transceivers Using an Artificial On-Chip Target
This work introduces an artificial on-chip target (OCT) to mitigate the SR leakage, based on the cross-correlation properties of the residual phase noise in the intermediate frequency (IF) domain, and shows that a gain in sensitivity is achieved, compensating for the performance degradation caused by theSR leakage.
Highly Efficient Environment for FMCW Radar Phase Noise Simulations in IF Domain
A system simulator is presented that directly generates the intermediate frequency (IF) signal of an FMCW radar system, without any computations in the radio frequency (RF) domain, and an analytical expression for the average PSD of the residual cyclostationary part of the IF signal is derived.
Classical and Bayesian Linear Data Estimators for Unique Word OFDM
This paper develops several linear data estimators specifically designed for UW-OFDM, some based on classical and somebased on Bayesian estimation theory, and derives complexity optimized versions of these estimators and studies their individual complex multiplication count in detail.
Design and analysis of UW-OFDM signals☆
Novel mixed-signal based short-range leakage canceler for FMCW radar transceiver MMICs
This work proposes a mixed-signal approach to mitigate the SR leakage, including its contained phase noise, which makes use of an artificial on-chip target (OCT), whose output signal is modulated on a sinusoidal generated in the digital domain.
Self-Adaptive Short-Range Leakage Canceler for Automotive FMCW Radar Transceivers
This work extends the proposed SR leakage canceler, and presents a fully self-adaptive version of it, wherein the proposed adaptive SR leakage cancelation is carried out in real-time on a field programmable gate array (FPGA).
On the Sensitivity Degradation Caused by Short-Range Leakage in FMCW Radar Systems
An in-depth analysis of the SR leakage is carried out and it is shown that its residual phase noise in the intermediate frequency signal exceeds the total noise floor of the system, hence degrading the target detection sensitivity.
On the Exploitation of the Redundant Energy in UW-OFDM: LMMSE Versus Sphere Detection
This work justifies the approach by applying a cost function that incorporates the overall transceiver chain including a linear minimum mean square error (LMMSE) data estimator and investigates a nonlinear sphere detection receiver for both systematic and nonsystematic coded UW-OFDM.
On the Safe Road Toward Autonomous Driving: Phase noise monitoring in radar sensors for functional safety compliance
The first approaches to improve vehicle safety were so-called passive safety systems, which did not directly interfere with the driving process but protected the occupants during a crash. In