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The third intracellular loop (ICL3) of G protein-coupled receptors has, as a rule, a key role in their interaction with heterotrimeric G proteins. We synthesized peptides corresponding to the(More)
A new signaling mechanism common to mammalian insulin, insulin-like growth factor I, relaxin and mollusc insulin-like peptide, and involving receptor-tyrosine kinase==>G(i) protein(More)
For the first time, insulinlike growth factor I (IGF-I), like insulin (Pertseva et al., Comp Biochem Physiol 112: 689-695, 1995), was shown to exercise a GTP-dependent stimulating action on adenylyl(More)
The peptide hormone relaxin produces dose-dependent stimulation of adenylyl cyclase activity in rat tissues (striatum, cardiac and skeletal muscle) and the muscle tissues of invertebrates, i.e., the(More)
In the last years the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM2) was carried out using regulators of the brain signaling systems. In DM2 the level of the brain serotonin is reduced. So far, the(More)