Alexander Novokhatskii

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The resonator impedance model of surface roughness in a cylindrical beam tube, derived in Ref. 1, is compared to the inductive impedance model of Ref. 2. It is shown that for long, smooth bunches the two models both give an inductive response, that the eective inductance per length is proportional to the corru-gation depth over the beam pipe radius, and(More)
The number of Hybridomes obtained from various sources rapidly increases at present. Clones producing monoclonal antibodies to influenza virus A/USSR/090/77 and to VEE-230 are generated in the laboratory of the Institute of Virology (Academy of Sciences of the USSR). The present work is devoted to the study of Hybridome karyotype by means of C-method for(More)
During 1976--1979 approximately 150 lines and variants of human cells (derivatives of HeLa cells, tumor lines not contaminated with HeLa cells, lymphoblastoid lines) and cells from 16 animal species were examined. The karyotype analysis, determination of mobility of isoenzymes and immunological method of mixed hemadsorption were used for cell(More)
A highly technological Yel-2 hybrid cell clone was isolated. The clone produces monoclonal antibodies to protein E of the yellow fever virus (Dakar strain). The Yel-2 hybridoma was cloned by the method of limiting dilutions. By the data of indirect immunofluorescence the titre of the specific antibodies reached 1:128 in the culture fluid and 1:10240 in the(More)