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A 16-year-old boy with arteriovenous malformation (AVM) of septum pellucidum in combination with left side persistent trigeminal artery (PTA) is described. Presentation of AVM included severe intracranial hemorrhage and the lesion was removed surgically. The case deserves interest for two reasons. 1) The observation demonstrates the possibility of increased(More)
AIM to study concomitant somatic pathology in brain stroke patients abusing alcohol before cerebral catastrophe. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Two groups were identified according to the results of examining 255 poststroke patients. A study group included 57 (22.4%) pre-stroke alcohol abusers; a control group consisted of 198 (77.6%) alcohol non-abusers. RESULTS(More)
In 33 patients with the acute stage of a cerebral stroke the function of the spinal centres was examined by the stimulation electromyography method. The H-reflex of the sural muscle and the late responses of the hand and foot muscles were determined in patients with truncal and hemispheric lesions on the 1st-2nd, 3d-12th, and 13th-18th days of the disease.(More)
The paper presents the results of somatic, neurologic and neurophysiologic examination of 614 children which had hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy of a moderate degree during the period from the birth till 3 years old. A period of gestation was characterised by some signs of fetoplacental insufficiency in 44.3% of children. Disorders in labor activity were(More)
The paper presents the analysis of unfavourable ante- and intranatal factors as well as the data of neurosonography of 109 children with the fits during the first year of life and of 58 children with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy without convulsions. The high degree of the correlation was found between complications of the first half of pregnancy and the(More)
Sensomotor development, periods of febrile attacks (FA), spectral EEG characteristics in narrow range of frequency were examined in 12 healthy children and 34 children with FA. There was a correlation between FA debute, relapse and physiologic formation and change of sensomotor rhythm on months 4-5, 7-8, 11-12 of life. The correlation was also established(More)
In order to test the validity of the selected surgical technique as a way to manage persistent synovitis of the knee joint, as well as to slow down the cartilage and bone destruction, we studied the dynamics of biomarkers of inflammatory conditions, and bone and cartilage destruction after total arthroscopic synovectomy (TAS) of the knee joint. The sampling(More)
The results of closed intramedullary osteosynthesis with blocking were analyzed in 180 patients with open (in 22) and closed (in 158 patients) fractures of shin bones fulfilled within the period from 3 days to 3.5 months after trauma. In 16 patients the intramedullary canal was drilled out. The exact reposition of the shin-bone in closed intramedullary(More)