Alexander Noe

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—We present the design and a first performance evaluation of Thrill – a prototype of a general purpose big data processing framework with a convenient data-flow style programming interface. Thrill is somewhat similar to Apache Spark and Apache Flink with at least two main differences. First, Thrill is based on C++ which enables performance advantages due to(More)
Static mapping is the assignment of parallel processes to the processing elements (PEs) of a parallel system, where the assignment does not change during the application's lifetime. In our scenario we model an application's computations and their dependencies by an application graph. This graph is first partitioned into (nearly) equally sized blocks. These(More)
Actions are fundamental for perception leading to law-like relations, which can be described by the theory of Sensory Motor Contingencies (SMCs) [1]. We propose that actions do not only play a key role for perception, but also in developing more complex cognitive capabilities, e.g. definition of object concepts and action plans. Once SMCs have been learned(More)
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