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A quantum algorithm for estimating the phase, which determines the eigenvalue of a unitary operator, is discussed. It is assumed that the eigenvector of this operator and the corresponding quantum circuit are given. The memory register where the approximate phase value is stored consists of n qubits, which makes it possible to determine the phase accurate(More)
We consider an application of the Mathematica package QuantumCircuit to simulation of quantum circuits implementing two of the best known quantum algorithms, namely, the Grover search algorithm and the Shor algorithm for order finding. The algorithms are discussed in detail and concrete examples of their application are demonstrated. The main features of(More)
In the paper, the problem of simulation of quantum error correction by means of error correcting codes is discussed. Examples of error correction by means of quantum circuits constructed with the help of the QuantumCircuit package written in the language of the computer algebra system Mathematica are presented.
Algorithms for searching equilibrium solutions of the circular restricted four-body problem formulated on the basis of the triangular Lagrange solutions of the three-body problem are discussed. An algorithm is proposed for calculating the bifurcation curve in the plane of system parameters that separates domains of the eight and ten equilibrium solutions.(More)