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The DM Algorithm: A Causal Search Algorithm for the Discovery of MIMIC Models, with an Attempt to Recover a Protein Signalling Network from a High-Dimensional Ovarian Cancer Dataset
Latent variables have long confounded attempts to determine causal structure when experiments cannot be conducted. While some methods exist for dealing with exogenous latent variables, endogenousExpand
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What Is Going on Inside the Arrows? Discovering the Hidden Springs in Causal Models
Using Gebharter’s representation, we consider aspects of the problem of discovering the structure of unmeasured submechanisms when the variables in those submechanisms have not been measured.Expand
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In a recent paper (Middleton, 1965), the author presented a proof of the Tukey ChiSquare test and claimed that no prior proof had been published. He also presented a formula to be used with ungroupedExpand
Causal Discovery and MIMIC Models
This thesis presents an alternative method for the detection of MIMIC models. Previous methods (such as factor analysis) suffer from a number of significant flaws and limitations, which the newExpand
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