Alexander Moskvin

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Partial sequences of mitochondrial genes nad1 (316 bp) and cox1 (429 bp) were analyzed to estimate the variability of the liver fluke samples collected in 20 localities in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, and China. The sequences had 4.1% (nad1) and 2.3% (cox1) of variable sites, and 13 and 10(More)
Using one-dimensional models of myocardial tissue, implemented as chains of virtual ventricular muscle segments that are kinematically connected in series, we studied the role of the excitation sequence in spatio-temporal organization of cardiac function. Each model element was represented by a well-verified mathematical model of cardiac electro-mechanical(More)
– We report on susceptibility, magnetization, 23 Na NMR, and specific heat data of the spin-chain material NaCu2O2 in the paramagnetic and ordered phases. Below 13 K, where a sharp field-dependent specific heat peak appears, the NMR lineshape points to an incommensurate static modulation of the local magnetic field consistent with a spiral state of the Cu(More)
In frames of a rather conventional quantum-chemical approach, which combines the crystal field and the ligand field models we have addressed different charge transfer (CT) states and O2p − M n3d CT transitions in M nO 9− 6 octahedra. The many-electron dipole transition matrix elements were calculated using the Racah algebra for the cubic point group. Simple(More)
  • A S Moskvin
  • 2013
Disproportionation in 3d compounds can give rise to an unconventional electron-hole Bose liquid with a very rich phase diagram, from a Bose metal, to a charge ordering insulator and an inhomogeneous Bose-superfluid. Optimal conditions for disproportionation driven high-T(c) superconductivity are shown to be realized only for several Jahn-Teller d(n)(More)
Spirometrosis (sparganosis) in animals and man is a serious ecological problem in Russia, which requires the constant attention of veterinary and medical services. The paper presents data on the biology of the parasite Spirometra erinacei europaei Muller, 1937, an account and diagram of a developmental cycle, and original photos of parasitic eggs,(More)
A comparative analysis of electron energy-loss spectroscopy (EELS) spectra for the 1D insulating cuprate Sr2CuO3 with transferred momentum q--> axially and radially to the chain axis allows one to elucidate the structure of the charge transfer gap in in-chain response. It is determined by the superposition of two types of excitations with different(More)