Alexander Moskovsky

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The paper is dedicated to an open T-system (OpenTS) — a programming system that supports automatic parallelization of computations for high-performance and distributed applications. In this paper, we describe the system architecture and input programming language as well as system's distinctive features. The paper focuses on the achievements of the last two(More)
Methodical problems of coarse-grained-type molecular dynamics, namely, rigid-body molecular dynamics (RB MD), are studied by investigating the dynamics of nanosized molecular vehicles called nanocars that move on gold and silver surfaces. Specifically, we analyzed the role of thermostats and the effects of temperature, couplings, and correlations between(More)
T-system is a tool for parallel computing developed at the PSI RAS. The most recent implementation is available on both Linux and Windows platforms. The paper is dedicated to one of important T-system aspects — ability to change parallelism granule size at run-time. The technique is available, primarily, for recursive programs, but it's possible to extent(More)
The paper describes the OpenTS parallel programming system that provides the runtime environment for T++ language. T++ is an extension for C++ that adds a set of keywords to C++, allowing smooth transition from sequential to parallel applications. In this context the support of repeated assignments to a variable is an important feature. The paper focused on(More)