Alexander Moegelin

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This study is the first presentation of three-dimensional computed tomography (3D-CT) for the in vitro evaluation of the prenatal human cranium. The study was based on CT examinations from 26 aborted normal fetuses between 10 and 25 weeks gestational age. Incremental coronal and transverse CT slices of 1 mm thickness and a threshold segmentation algorithm(More)
According to a new technology in the planning of endo-osseous implantation, based on a new CT-software for evaluation of the bone structure of the jaws, anatomico-morphological changes after the loss of teeth are measured much more accurately than with conventional methods like the panoramic intraoral x-ray or conventional tomography. 30 mandibles and 22(More)
A rare case of subcutaneous granuloma annulare of the eyelid is reported. A diabetic patient developed a unilateral periorbital tumorous mass. Biopsy revealed subcutaneous palisading granuloma. By microscopy and immunohistology, other granulomatous reactions including necrobiosis lipoidica could be ruled out. Since treatment with dapsone was without effect,(More)
 Syndesmotic sutures of the skull are formed by dense connective tissue and called ”open”; they are ”closed” by formation of a synostosis between adjacent bones. Open sutures are considered as areas of growth and as hinges. The importance of open sutures during the period of skull growth is reflected by pathological situations in which premature closure of(More)
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