Alexander Mikov

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This paper considers software tools and linguistic constructions of the network simulator TRIADNS. Nowadays network applications - especially in the area of wireless networks - are becoming more and more complex which makes the design and the testing almost impossible without appropriate software. This software available to aid the user in simulating(More)
An automated cognitive approach for the design of Information Systems is presented. It is supposed to be used at the very beginning of the design process, between the stages of requirements determination and analysis, including the stage of analysis. In the context of the approach used either UML or ERD notations may be used for model representation. The(More)
Simulation remains one of the most popular and sometimes the only method of investigation of the complex dynamical systems nowadays. The problems become more and more complicate and so simulation models become complicate and large scale too. So the modelers have to reduce the time of simulation run and overall time of the simulation model design, it's(More)
This paper discusses the design and development of software tools for simulation of social networks. It is well known that social networks have become the object of attention of sociologists, political scientists, marketers, etc. The paper identifies two trends in the investigation of social networks: static and dynamic. Static approach involves the study(More)
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