Alexander Mertens

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Elderly users suffering from hand tremor have difficulties interacting with touchscreens because of finger oscillation. It has been previously observed that sliding one's finger across the screen may help reduce this oscillation. In this work, we empirically confirm this advantage by (1) measuring finger oscillation during different actions and (2)(More)
Tremor patients are frequently facing problems when interacting with IT systems and services. They do not reach the same levels of input efficiency and easily become unhappy with a technology they do not perceive as a general asset. Cases of Intention tremor show a significant comparative rise in inaccurate movement towards a real button or virtual buttons(More)
PURPOSE A wealth of mobile applications are designed to support users in their drug intake. When developing software for patients, it is important to understand the differences between individuals who have, who will or who might never adopt mobile interventions. This study analyzes demographic and health-related factors associated with real-life "longer(More)
Gerontolinguistic obtains a growing importance with the increase of elderly users due to Demographic Change. Since acceptance and ease of use of supportive systems for elderly, such as "E-Nursing-Assistants", are highly dependent on the age suitable design of readable instructions, an age-appropriate linguistic concept is of high value for usability. There(More)
Wearable devices like activity tracker, measuring motion and steps, enable users to monitor their behaviour and might support a healthier lifestyle. These wearables might also motivate elderly to be active and live healthy. Unfortunately they are mostly designed for younger users and it is unclear if they are usable by older adults. In order to answer this(More)
BACKGROUND Poor physical activity is one of the major health care problems in Western civilizations. Various digital gadgets aiming to increase physical activity, such as activity trackers or fitness apps, have been introduced over recent years. The newest products are serious games that incorporate real-life physical activity into their game concept.(More)
Medication adherence is crucial for success in the management of patients with chronic conditions. This study analyzes whether a mobile application on a tablet aimed at supporting drug intake and vital sign parameter documentation affects adherence in elderly patients.Patients with coronary heart disease and no prior knowledge of tablet computers were(More)
Modern manufacturing systems typically require high degrees of flexibility, in terms of ability to customize the production lines to the constantly changing market requests. For this purpose, manufacturing systems are required to be able to cope with changes in the types of products, and in the size of the production batches. As a consequence, the(More)
Interacting with touchscreen computer systems is a challenging task for elderly tremor patients, because of a lower input accuracy caused by their tremor symptoms. Previous observations by Mertens et al. suggested that continuous movements are able to lower these symptoms. In this paper Swabbing, a input method for touchscreen systems based on such motions,(More)