Alexander Mertens

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Elderly users suffering from hand tremor have difficulties interacting with touchscreens because of finger oscillation. It has been previously observed that sliding one's finger across the screen may help reduce this oscillation. In this work, we empirically confirm this advantage by (1) measuring finger oscillation during different actions and (2)(More)
Tremor patients are frequently facing problems when interacting with IT systems and services. They do not reach the same levels of input efficiency and easily become unhappy with a technology they do not perceive as a general asset. Cases of Intention tremor show a significant comparative rise in inaccurate movement towards a real button or virtual buttons(More)
Figure 1: A web browser for users with tremor solely operated by Swabbing: sliding towards a target. Abstract Typical touchscreen devices are not usable for users with a persistent hand tremor. In this paper, we discuss how the involuntary jittering movements of tremor influences users' input on touchscreens. Drawing from these effects, we describe a(More)