Alexander McKenzie

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We present a purely Eulerian framework for geometry processing of surfaces and foliations. Contrary to current Eulerian methods used in graphics, we use conservative methods and a variational interpretation, offering a unified framework for routine surface operations such as smoothing, offsetting, and animation. Computations are performed on a fixed(More)
Scientific computing is an increasingly crucial component of research in various disciplines. Despite its potential, exploration of the results is an often laborious task, owing to excessively large and verbose datasets output by these simulation runs. Several approaches have been proposed to analyze, classify, and simplify such data to facilitate an(More)
In this paper, we present a numerical technique for performing Lie advection of arbitrary differential forms. Leveraging advances in high-resolution finite volume methods for scalar hyperbolic conservation laws, we first discretize the interior product (also called contraction) through integrals over Eulerian approximations of extrusions. This, along with(More)
Terrain reconstruction from images is an ill-posed, yet commonly desired Structure from Motion task when com-positing visual effects into live-action photography. These surfaces are required for choreography of a scene, casting physically accurate shadows of CG elements, and occlusions. We present a novel framework for generating the geometry of landscapes(More)
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