Alexander Maslov

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In this study we tested whether testosterone and cortisol interacted in predicting social network centrality within a male rugby team. Using social network analysis (SNA), three measures of centrality were investigated: popularity (i.e., the number of incoming ties a participant receives), gregariousness (i.e., the number of ties leaving from a participant(More)
Nitrate uptake and nitrogen inclusion into amino acids were studied in the intact thallus and isolated bionts of the lichen Parmelia sulcata with the aid of mass spectroscopic tracing of heavy isotope 15N. The isolated photobiont, the green algae Trebouxia sp. did not take up nitrate, whereas the mycobiont and intact thalli were enriched in 15N when(More)
When inspecting the thickness of rolled metal with the use of thickness gauges we cannot obtain the true value of thickness. That means the measurement gives us only an approximate value. This is explained by both precision consideration in principle of the thickness gauge and the nature of the inspected material. The accuracy of thickness gauge is a(More)
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