Alexander Marsalek

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The high usability of smartphones and tablets is embraced by consumers as well as the corporate and public sector. However, especially in the non-consumer area the factor security plays a decisive role for the platform-selection process. All of the current companies within the mobile device sector added a wide range of security features to the initially(More)
The increasing market share of the Android platform is partly caused by a growing number of applications (apps) available on the Android market: by now (January 2011) roughly 200.000. This popularity in combination with the lax market approval process attracts the injection of malicious apps into the market. Android features a fine-grained permission system(More)
Password authentication has been made more secure by adding additional factors. Unfortunately, popular two-factor authentication methods are vulnerable to attacks themselves. Therefore, the FIDO alliance proposed Universal Second Factor (U2F), an open standard aiming for unified interfaces, secure protocols, and hardware-backed tokens for authentication.(More)
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