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Current approaches to intrusion detection are generally based on the observation of only one source of information such as network traffic, system calls, resource usage etc. However, we would get a more precise conclusion about the incident of intrusion if we used the entire available information. We are going to present an approach to an intrusion(More)
In the paper there is evaluated the relationship of features of electronic state of the environment with a level of chronic, noninfectious diseases (CNID) in the regions of Russia, obtained on the basis of the monitoring measurements of the intensity of natural background electronic Bose condensate (BEBC) of natural ecosystems in a number of Russian regions(More)
The article demonstrates an algorithm to evaluate functional state of operators exposed to ecologic hazards. The evaluation of the functional state includes analysis of the heart rhythm registered for 2 minutes. The functional state is assessed through an Indicator of Regulatory Systems Activity (IRSA), obtained by summation of all the values in modulus.(More)
BACKGROUND TETRA (terrestrial trunked radio) is a digital radio communication standard, which has been implemented in several European countries and is used by public executives, transportation services, and by private companies. Studies on possible impacts on the users' health considering different exposure conditions are missing. OBJECTIVES To(More)
There have been performed the studies of the dimensional parameters of peroxide associates in drinking water, per- forming regulatory functions in cellular metabolism, that determine the character of the biological response of the human body to drinking water The direction of action of peroxide associates type Σ [(HO2-(*) ... OH-(*) (H2O) tp)]q, (where(More)
BACKGROUND Studies have shown that exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) in the mobile communication frequency range may induce physiological modifications of both spontaneous as well as event-related human electroencephalogram. So far, there are very few peer-reviewed studies on effects of Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA), which is a(More)
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